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It's been said that, "middle age is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart". The combination of growing older along with years of abuse from heat tools and chemicals in shampoos, hair color treatments, and perms unfortunately leaves your hair looking less healthy than it did in your youth.

One of the worst culprits to healthy hair is something people use every couple days or even daily...shampoo and conditioner.

The cheap drug store brands people use are full of chemicals you would normally reserve for cutting through a greasy pan used for your Thanksgiving turkey, or for cleaning an oil spill off your garage floor.

These brands include ingredients like sodium chloride, drying alcohols, and sulfates that dry your scalp and can cause scalp irritations, dandruff, eczema, color loss, and hair loss from damaged hair follicles. If they can strip grease off an engine, you know they clean hair really, really well. Unfortunately for your hair and scalp a little too well.

As if those ingredients aren't bad enough, these cheap shampoos also contain parabens which are regularly found in breast cancer tumors. The link between the two isn't definite yet, but there's no reason to have parabens in your shampoo.

Vizeri Beauty's Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner don't contain those nasty ingredients, but what they do contain is really impressive.

The magic starts with Moroccan Argan oil and then is mixed with 11 other natural plant ingredients plus gentle cleansing actives and hydrating ingredients. This blend of 12 costly natural ingredients is what separates these products from the cheap brands that torture your hair and scalp until they plead for frizzy mercy!

When you use the products you'll notice the light, creamy orange scent that reminds you of the orange Creamsicles you had as a kid. Dry your hair and notice the healthiness, softness, shininess, lack of frizz, and then ask yourself if this isn't the best product you have EVER used.

The product comes with our "Better than Money Back Guarantee." Just try our products for up to 60 days. If anywhere in that time you don't absolutely love the them, just let us know and we will refund your full payment. We are so confident that you will love the products just like our other highly satisfied customers do.

You have nothing to lose so ORDER NOW and consider buying an extra set for your loved ones.


  • No parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, or drying alcohol so it is color and straightener safe and the perfect remedy for chemically treated hair. Great for soft curls and extensions.
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants so it helps hydrate your hair in a natural way. Repairs damage caused by harsh chemicals or damaging heat. Leaves hair soft and shiny.
  • Penetrates the pores of hair follicles to restore shine and softness, increase elasticity, strengthen the hair shaft, and eliminate frizz. Free-radical neutralizer keeps hair looking genuinely healthy.
  • No residue or greasy build-up so can be used on all hair types. The conditioner gently detangles and moisturizes without weighing hair down. Argan Oil acts as a natural UV protectant.
  • Salon quality treatment without the trip to the salon. Direct to you means GUARANTEED quality every time without worry about getting a counterfeit product!

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Emails to our President

Dear Tim, thank you for the emails telling me about your wonderful product. I have used it every other day for about a week and I must tell you it is absolutely fantastic! I am a 62 year old woman with thinning hair and a severe allergy to sulfates in shampoo. I was drawn to the product because I wear my hair long and it is colored dark blonde with highlights so I wanted something that would shine and make my hair silky when I swing it around. I'm in a band so long hair is a must for me. That's a tall order for chemically treated thinning hair. Your shampoo and conditioner have made my hair thicker silkier and a lot prettier. In fact people have stopped me to ask about my hair! Really??!! That has not happened for decades.

I am in love and am ordering more right away. I especially appreciate a sulfate free shampoo that makes my hair look good. I suffer from peri oral dermatitis caused by sulfates and fluoride so I haven't found a sulfate free shampoo (until now) that looks this great. I will be bragging about this set of shampoo and conditioner to everyone I meet. I may even send you a photo of my amazing hair! Thanks so much for the product. I'm a true believer and your biggest fan! Teresa Henke, Santa Fe, NM

This shampoo and conditioner has made all the difference with my hair. I have thick, curly hair that I'm always straightening and so there's lots of damage and dryness. After just one washing with this shampoo and conditioner, it became instantly light and soft. Before this I was using drug store brands like Pantene and Garnier...NEVER GOING BACK! Maybe if I had thin, straight hair it wouldn't matter as much, but as a girl who has lived in Hawaii for 15 years in crazy humidity, you need products like this! I also like that there is no parabens (been reading up a lot on this) and is sulfate and sodium-chlorine free. Definitely worth the price! Karina Ashley Rodriguez, Honolulu, HI

I love the shampoo and conditioner! I have shoulder length naturally wavy hair that I usually straighten daily. My hair has been so much more soft and manageable, that I wear my natural waves much more often. I have not used my blow dryer since I started using your products. My hair is silky and full even when I do use my flat iron. I am a very happy customer! Stacey Taylor

I purposely looked for an Argan Oil product to improve my hair. Your product is the only one that has done so. I am 71, have always had good hair, but have colored treated it since age forty---In recent years it has become dry, dull, and because it's thick, rather wild looking.This product has provided a great improvement. Of course, it won't be what it once was, but my hair is much improved and it doesn't look like"old hair"any longer. Frances

Just wanted to write you and tell you how awesome this shampoo/conditioner is! I have probably not even used this shampoo a full week, but I wash my hair every day :/ So I take a toll on it.  Having post menopausal (old lady Hair, as I call it! lol), my hair was so dry and damaged from not only coloring it, but from styling irons, and blower dryers, it was literally getting shorter and shorter, just from breaking off! I noticed a difference in just a few days. Which is awesome! It doesn't feel like straw anymore. Definitely love love love it!! Lori Andrashko


“This product is amazing, I am in my late 50's and my hair looks like I'm in my 30's!! I was having major problems with hair loss and this has completely taken care of that. I recently had a mild keratin treatment done at my salon and the combination of the two is wonderful. I have also been able to grow my hair long again, which is something I have not been able to do for at least twenty years. I tell everyone I know about your products. Thanks so much!” Wendy Mcquadeon

“I noticed a difference in my hair after only the first use. I have extremely frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. I color my roots every three weeks and use a very hot dryer and iron every day to control the frizz and curls. I have used so many other products that claim they can control the frizz, but a short time after their use, the frizz always comes back. Not so with this shampoo and conditioner. I was amazed that even with the high humidity, my hair stayed frizz free the entire day and my hair really did feel it had more volume. The product did not weigh my hair down or make it appear greasy. It was smooth and soft and looked really good. It really works.”  Eleanor M. Berryon

“This shampoo and conditioner is amazing!! my hair feels amazing after getting out of the shower. i can brush/ comb through it with absolutely NO tangles. it provides better shine and manageability than any other combo ive ever used. i would recommend this combo to anyone looking to use safe, sulfate free products that deliver healthy beautiful hair. (my hair is mid-back length)” Carrie Kirbyon

“At first I didn't notice anything different with the shampoo & conditioner but after a couple weeks of use (every other day) I can tell that my hair is shinier and is stronger. My hair was becoming dull and lost its sheen due to years of coloring my hair. This has brought back the youthful shine I always used to have. I recommend to others to try. Plus the good thing is that there is a guarantee if you are not satisfied. So there's nothing to lose. How many hair products give you that guarantee? This is a first for me.Cindy Lyleson

“I love Vizeri Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, my hair is shiny and silky and feels so much healthier. I've recommended it to my daughter. We have both had Brazilian Blowouts done and so needed a paraben and sulfate free product. I had mine done overseas so I brought the Chi Enviro products back with me, however I love Vizeri so much more. I am trying to only wash my hair twice a week I apply the shampoo once rinse and then shampoo again then condition and my hair has never looked better and my color hasn't faded. I highly recommend these products.” Simone Culver

“I have "menopause" hair that has taken it's abuse over the years through coloring, flat irons, blow drying, straightening, etc., etc. and NOW thinning, breaking and falling out due to menopause. After only one use of the shampoo and conditioner that I am seeing a 90% difference already? THANK YOU VIZERI, you have a customer FOREVER!!” Brenda Scata

“Am 66 yrs old, thought one shampoo was just as good as another but Vizeri Beauty Moraccan Argan Oil Shampoo proved me wrong… Am finding out it is most important to have top quality products to achieve top quality hair performance. Love the product, will continue to use and plan to recommend to others.” Darlene A. Odgers

My hair looks the same as it did when I had a keratin treatment – smooth, shiny, soft, (I don’t even have to flat iron most of the time) and not breaking as it was before…. And I love the smell!” Laurie Coghlan

“I have tried a few different argan oil shampoo/conditioners and this is by far the best one. Doesn't weigh hair down, controls fly aways (which are always a problem for me), leaves hair shiny, silky and healthy looking, nice scent. I DON'T have to use any other products.....serum, pomade etc!!!!” C. Murguia

For days, I agonized over my decision to order the shampoo and conditioner. Red fades so easily. Color treated REDS take note. NO WASHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! No red running down the drain. No red on the old white towel I wrapped around my wet head. My auburn was shinning and red, wet or dry. If you are agonizing, like I did, just hit "order". Your hair will love you for it.” B. Parker

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