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About Us

Vizeri Beauty delivers salon quality products directly to you without the trip to the salon.

Our leading-edge products developed by world-class chemists and engineers rival the most advanced salon brands in the world. Continual product innovation ensures we meet the evolving needs and desires of our customers and keeps us ahead of industry trends.

We focus on delivering our products directly from manufacturing through the fastest growing retail segment, online shopping. That gives you the convenience of obtaining advanced products in the way you most want to shop for them.

Unlike buying heavily-advertised salon brands online, when you buy Vizeri Beauty products, you don’t have to worry about getting some low-quality Chinese knockoff. Since we sell direct and not through any other retail distribution, you are guaranteed to get quality and safety…at the best price.

We also believe that educating our customers on proper hair care techniques is just as important as the products used. When you “Join the Vizeri Beauty Club” by clicking on the button at the top of this website, we will send you a free ebook about proper hair care techniques. We will also email you with information about the product you ordered.

Customer service is a top priority of ours! We know that not every product we have can work for absolutely everyone. That’s simply not possible. So if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right with you.

Just look at a few of the comments below from our customers and you’ll get a feel for how important customer service is to us.

“Vizeri Beauty contacted me prior to even receiving my order to let me know how to get the most from my brush and how to better deal with my hair. That was both unexpected and appreciated.” Sean MacMillan

“I had a question and the president of the company personally responded within just a day or so. I am so impressed, not just with the fact that the company responded, but because the president showed a genuine interest in my satisfaction with their product. What an amazing company and great products as well.” Eleanor M. Berry

“Not only did I like the product, but I also liked the information that the company provided regarding their product. It gave me a deeper understanding of how & why it's good for my hair, what to expect, & suggestions for a healthier head of hair. I'm so happy with the shine and manageability of my hair that has been processed with color & straightener. This product is very good!” Jeanne Binggeli

“Seller followed up via email to ensure I was satisified. The brush actually did not work for me and I reported that to the seller and they issued a refund immediately. Great customer service!” Cindy Fisher