8 Clinically Researched Niacinamide Skin Benefits

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, forms part of various topical vitamins which have undergone studies to identify the potential benefits they may have for the skin. Many ingredients have been known to produce disappointing results for dermatologists. This is due to the low efficacy results for treating several skin issues. However, Niacinamide has been placed under clinical testing and has since established itself as being highly useful when the product is applied topically.

How Will Niacinamide Help The Skin?

When it comes to Niacinamide skin benefits it first begins with the two important enzymes known as NADPH and NADH which contribute in the production associated with lipids and energy that are accountable for cell-growth. When there is an adequate supply of these enzymes, the skin automatically develops a barrier which is effective to the external factors that are associated with aging. As a person begins to age, levels of NADPH and NADH begin to decrease. However, when Niacinamide or vitamin B3 is applied topically to the skin it is said to decrease this decline.

Because a topical application of vitamin B3 is said to preserve the levels of NADPH and NADH, it is said to also contribute in supporting the skin barrier from irritants and pollution. This means that a number of skin conditions that include inflammatory conditions, redness linked with rosacea and acne can benefit. In addition, Niacinamide has also been proven to be versatile for producing natural emollients that assist the skin in remaining hydrated.

Clinical Tests Conducted With Niacinamide

While the research related to uncovering the additional properties associated with vitamin B3 is ongoing, various clinical tests are already in place. One study conducted by Proctor and Gamble concluded that Niacinamide is well-tolerated with all types of skin, it also has benefits with reducing blotchy spots, yellowing, redness and hyperpigmentation.

Other Niacinamide skin benefits included a study that involved 50 women that ranged between 40 and 60. The study involved a placebo-controlled, double-blind analysis that included randomized testing conducted over 12 weeks. The randomization involved one moisturizer that did not have the Niacinamide concentration and another one that contained a 5% concentration. Results concluded that the moisturizer that contained the Niacinamide concentrate produced far more noticeable effects compared to the latter solution.

The next clinical study involved the Department Of Life Science based at the University Of Seoul. This study discovered that cells that were directly exposed to Niacinamide underwent reduced oxidative damage. These results are similar to the effects of an antioxidant. Other studies also suggest that Niacinamide can treat wrinkles and increase the elasticity in the skin.

8 Top Niacinamide Skin Benefits

1. Boosts The Immunity Of The Skin

The Langerhans cells in the skin hold the responsibility of the repair mechanisms and immunity of the skin. Over exposure to the sun cause these cells to disappear which leave the skin without immunity from invading microbes and a safeguard against activities relating precancerous lesions.

2. Improves The Epidermal Barrier Performance

Other Niacinamide skin benefits are that it contributes to a well-functioning epidermal-lipid barrier. This lipid barrier ensures the skin remains hydrated, moist and protected from the harsh elements. Niacinamide is associated with improving ceramide production which is known as a very important component of the lipid barrier.

3. Decreases Blotchiness And Redness

When the epidermal-lipid barrier is improved the skin can naturally protect itself and avoid external aggressors. Overtime these improvements in the structure of the skin results in less sensitivity, blotchiness and redness that usually occur with a poor functioning barrier and environmental factors.

4. Regulation In Oil Flow

When the skin can retain natural moisture and the lipid barrier, the oil flow to the skin is also regulated. For people with oily skin, Niacinamide skin benefits can become an important way to get rid of excessive oil and keep it under control.

5. Protection From Infrared Light

Niacinamide is also associated with protecting the skin from infrared heat that comes from the sun.  Similar to damaging effects caused from UV exposure, the infrared effects activate free radicals along with overproducing pigmented cells.

6. Hyperpigmentation

Transfer of melanosomes (pigment) from the melanocytes to surrounding skin in the epidermis is better known as a “tan.” But, over a period of time these activities become dysfunctional and various people land up with blotchy and uneven pigmentation. Niacinamide assist in reducing uneven pigmentation in the process of slowing the transfer of the melanin to the epidermis of the skin.

7. Reduce Wrinkles And Lines

Niacinamide improves the production of collagen. This important vitamin improves cell differentiation that is associated with a better formation and synthesis of elastin and collagen.

8. Reducing The Signs Of Sallow And Dull Skin

While various antioxidants can prevent the damage associated with age and oxidative stress, Niacinamide goes even further in the process of reversing the signs that are already visible. Over time exposure to the glycation and free radicals cause the skin to appear sallow and dull. Niacinamide acting as an antioxidant can decrease the negative impact as well as improve the function of the skin to handle the damages that have left the skin looking dull, sallow and yellow.

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