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9 Benefits Of Argan Oil For The Skin

Argan oil is so very nutritious that goats will actually climb trees for the tasty treat. Within the flesh of that little fruit is a nut that Argan oil comes from. Some of the benefits of Argan oil for the skin are covered here in this article.

In Morocco, the natives of Argan Forest press these nuts to extArgan Treeract the oil to use as a dietary supplement as well as for a myriad of uses on the skin.

Thankfully, you can purchase Argan oil in its own bottle and add it to your products. You can also buy products that already contain Argan oil if you wish. Always be sure that your Argan oil is of high quality as lower quality oil won't give you the same benefits.

1. Heals Wounds

Argan oil has a high concentration of Vitamin E and works well to heal the skin from injuries. It improves cell production and speeds healing to the body.

Ideal for rashes, infections, bug bites and other skin ailments, Argan oil has long been used as a way to improve the skin.

2. Hair

If your hair is suffering from dry winter months, you can apply a touch of Argan oil to the ends and smooth it in. Some claim that Argan oil can also help your hair to grown longer and stronger.

The result will be healthier hair and more luxurious locks with less breakage. Vitamins A and E will help to improve the overall condition of the hair. No more split ends, and you'll protect your hair from breakage when you use hair dryers, curling irons and other hot products on your hair.

3. Wrinkles

Hate those wrinkles that signal that you're aging? Don't stress, just apply a few drops of Argan oil to the wrinkles and watch as they miraculously disappear.

Your skin will be moisturized and the lines will be plumped as if you'd had collagen injections.

4. Improve Skin Tone

If you're looking to improve your skin tone, try a few drops of Argan oil to your favorite skin oil. Your skin will look great and feel smoother.

Argan oil mixes well with other products so you can literally create your own personalized product by adding Argan oil to it.

5. Exfoliator

Tired of those flaky spots on your skin? Add some Argan oil to your favorite exfoliator and you'll improve the exfoliator.

Your skin will appreciate a lovely luxurious treatment. You can also mix in 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and two to three drops of Argan oil and massage it into your skin. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it off for a great treatment.

6. Pregnancy

Those stretch marks show that your baby is growing, but they are unsightly and no one likes them. Solution? Apply a few drops of Argan oil and massage into the stretch marks one or more times per day.

The vitamins A and E will rejuvenate the skin and fill in the stretch marks. If you do this before you get stretch marks you might not get any stretch marks at all.

7. After Shave

Those unsightly bumps after shaving don't have to be there. Simply use a few drops of Argan oil wherever you've shaved (mans faces, women's bikini area, legs or armpits) and you're sure to reduce or entirely eliminate those unsightly bumps.

Argan oil is soothing and healing and will help the body to look healthier in moments.

8. Moisturizer

Tired of those dry knees, heels and elbows? Argan oil to the rescue. It's also an ideal massage oil if you're getting a massage.

A few drops warmed in the hands will provide plenty of soothing relief to dry skin. Added to your favorite moisturizer Argan oil offers many great benefits to your skin. Fewer blemishes and smoother skin will keep you coming back for more. It's soothing and healing and ideal if you've been out in the sun too long and your face is tender.

9. Nail Treatment

If you struggle with split nails or breaking nails, take heart, a few drops of Argan oil massaged into the nail daily will improve the appearance of your nails.

It will heal dry nails and improve splitting. Just a drop on each nail and massage it in smoothly. Then simply rinse your nails and pat them dry. After drying you can polish them as you normally would and your nails will be conditioned and hold that polish better and possibly longer.

Clearly Argan oil has a myriad of uses in the home. It's an ideal choice for creating your own beauty products. You can add it to other products to improve how they work and you'll appreciate that just a drop or two in your own products is all that it takes to improve how well they work.

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